Yamaguchi Prefecture Supports Filmmaking

At Yamaguchi Prefectural Film Commission, we support filmmaking by providing information about Yamaguchi locations of interest to filmmakers and taking care of procedural work (for streets, public buildings, etc) prior to filming.
We can facilitate filming in the prefecture efficiently, and we hope that many people will be able to experience the wonders of Yamaguchi through the movies and television.
Please do not hesitate to contact us about filming in Yamaguchi Prefecture.


Yamaguchi Prefectural Film Commission would like to ask filmmakers to look over the following points. Thank you in advance for understanding.

  1. We will not support any works that have a political or religious purpose or question morality.
  2. If the subject material changes from the original request, we have the right to refuse support.
  3. Yamaguchi Prefectural Film Commission is not responsible for any injuries or damages that occur during filming.

On Yamaguchi Prefectural Film Commission's Support for Filmmaking

  1. Yamaguchi Prefectural Film Commission will provide filmmakers with the following:
    • Filming location information
    • Information on filming permit applications
    • Information on finding extras
    • Information on accommodation
  2. Yamaguchi Prefectural Film Commission does not support:
    • Production costs, provision of goods, etc.