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About Yamaguchi Prefectural Film Commission

Yamaguchi Prefectural Film Commission would like to invite and support filmmaking (movies, dramas, etc.) in the prefecture. Yamaguchi Prefecture is blessed with a variety of beautiful locations perfect for filming. The ocean can be seen on three of its sides, and the prefecture is rich in nature (For example: Seto Inland Sea National Park, Akiyoshidai, Northern Nagato Coast Quasi-National Park). It also has many historical locations and cultural heritages.
We can provide filmmakers with a lot of information on a variety of locations in the prefecture.

Contact Information:
Yamaguchi Prefecture Tourism Project Promotion Office
Yamaguchi Prefectural Film Commission
1-1 Takimachi,Yamaguchi City,Yamaguchi Prefecture,Japan 753-8501
Tel +81-83-933-3170    Fax +81-83-933-3179